Introducing…. the Climate Counts Data API!

Ok… for those of you who aren’t “tech people”, this may not sound like your idea of fun, but perhaps you can still be happy for us.  Our new Application Programming Interface (or API) is intended for developers who want to help us explore new applications for our company ratings.  API

At Climate Counts, we are big fans of Open Data.  In fact, we pride ourselves on transparency and the accessibility of our data to the point that we want to make it freely available to anyone wanting to use it.  By making our scores available in a standard, unrestricted way, we can open the doors of creativity for the wider community to help us succeed in our mission of inspiring corporate and consumer climate action.

So today we’re excited to announce that our new RESTful API (that’s programming speak!) is now open to the public, and free to experiment with and use in any application imaginable.

We already use our open API to power our iPhone app and our mobile website. In the coming months we hope to make new apps available that engage, excite and educate a broader audience.

If you’re a developer and you care about the environment, and what companies are doing to reduce their impact, then take the challenge and build a Climate Counts app of your own. It could be a mobile app, a browser plugin, a widget, a Facebook game. If you know a programmer or designer, please let them know about this, give them ideas and most importantly, encouragement.

We want our community to come up with creative ways of using the data and scores, so if you have any ideas, please comment or email us .

Documentation for our API is online at http://api.climatecounts.org/docs/. Currently the API allows access to our latest, 2011 data, but as our data is released in the coming years, we will retain past scores as well as always include the most recent years data.

Happy Developing!


The Climate Counts Team

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