August, 2009

August 18th, 2009

Climate Counts joins DMB’s SO MUCH TO SAVE campaign

We’re teaming up with Dave Matthews Band and MusicMatters to activate individual commitments to reduce waste and increase efficiency. The SO MUCH TO SAVE pledge asks people to commit to at least one of five actions, including using Climate Counts company scores to shop consciously and raise your voice.

Take the pledge here (check out #4!) and download the free SO MUCH TO SAVE 2009 album, featuring DMB and supporting artists from the tour.

SO MUCH TO SAVE is part of DMB’s Bama Green Project.

August 11th, 2009

Climate-conscious investing with our partners at Kapitall

We recently partnered with a group called Kapitall, which helps people to consciously invest in and understand financial markets. Their website uses an interactive, graphically-driven interface that lets you better explore companies, so when you go to invest your money, you know what you’re investing in.

Likewise, at Climate Counts, we believe every time you shop or invest, you’re voting with your dollars.  How you spend your money changes the world.  By partnering with Kapitall, we hope to help you have an impact on climate change as you navigate through your investment options.  Keep track of the latest company climate news here and check out www.kapitall.com to use the that information and create a portfolio with a real climate agenda. You can also read more about our partnership in their 8/11/2009 blog post: How We Use Climate Counts Ratings.

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