July, 2009

July 29th, 2009

Amtrak: moving on climate

As the Environmental Leader article, ‘Amtrak commits to carbon tracking,’ reports — Amtrak is working to reduce their climate impact. Read the article about their GHG inventory plans, reduction targets and disclosure initiative (through Climate Counts) and stay tuned for more information on Amtrak’s commitment at ClimateCounts.org in coming months.

July 21st, 2009

Worthy reading, watching from No Impact Man

Today’s No Impact Man blog post by our friend Colin Beavan offers some worthy food for thought.  With proposed legislation, new science reports, and consumer information flooding the airways — Colin never ceases to offer us perspective on what life inside and outside the climate movement is all about.  And today’s post is no exception.  Titled What I’d say if I was wrong about climate change, Colin hashes through the fallout of working toward climate protection … even if the projections are off base.

At Climate Counts, we look at whether companies are measuring their impact, working toward improvement, and make their efforts public and transparent.  Climate change or no climate change, what’s the downside of a growing trend toward accountability, sustainability, and responsibility within our corporate and consumer world?

In addition to reading today’s post, we encourage you to check out the No Impact Man documentary and book, which hits both theatres and bookstores this fall! Watch the trailer here and read more about the No Impact Experiment here.

July 16th, 2009

Children’s products to undergo green certification

The Environmental Leader post, EcoLogo for Toys in works, reports that a third party certification of the environmental-friendliness of kids’ products is underway.

This past spring, Climate Counts released scores for the Toys and Children’s Equipment sector. With all companies but one scoring below 20 on our 0-to-100 point scale, it is clear this industry needs to take serious action to address their climate impact.  And we need this message to be sent loud and clear through as many channels as possible.  One way you can help is by sending companies an email from our Climate Counts company pages.

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